If Obama wins I’m moving to New Zealand


Twitter / Search – if obama wins new zealand:
Er, it’s not as if you can just TURN UP at the border and we’ll let you in just because you don’t feel like accepting the results of a (lower-case) democratic process

You have to APPLY.
Just like we have to to even VISIT the USA.
AND we have to pay for the privilege.

Oh, and we have strict gun laws.

Hardly anyone goes to church.

We drink a lot.

And we have socialised medicine.

You’d hate it here….

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6 Responses to If Obama wins I’m moving to New Zealand

  1. How funny! I wish the Romney supporters would follow through on their threats to move to New Zealand (sorry). But strict gun laws? No church? Socialized medicine? I’m pretty sure you’ve said the magic things to keep them away. Very clever! However, I might just have to apply for a visa.

  2. Socialized medicine? No church? I am so there!

  3. Meg in Nelson says:

    Stay away! We don’t like Republicans here. (Well, except for John Key maybe.)

  4. Kiwi says:

    Us Kiwi’s will have to move to California to escape all the Republicans?

  5. I’m glad no-one said they were movin to France if Obama won. You can have’m bloody republicans. Yeah I know, not very supportive of me. But Obama won anyway so they can keep them yippeeeeee!

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