It’s not normal.

b3db8794fa98a8f437f402b62d5540ce“It’s not normal to feel your pelvis break. It’s not normal to be crushed smaller, smaller, smaller, until you can shrink no smaller. It’s not normal to feel kilo after kilo, tonne after tonne land on your left hip and to wonder when the weight might stop falling. It’s not normal to be dug out from under a collapsed building by strangers and taken to hospital in the back of another stranger’s truck. It’s not normal to plead with those strangers who are risking their lives to save yours to please get the others first, only to find out that there are no others. It’s not normal to discover you’re the only one left.”

What a stunning first sentence.

What a stunning opening paragraph.

What a well-argued essay.

And what a fine piece of analytical writing

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  1. nathalie says:

    The photo of the bus is scary and Ann defends a worthwhile cause. I hope she gets heard.

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