There’s no way Hans Fischer could have known, but how utterly cool.

The best way to describe Hans is “an artist who uses clay as his canvas”.

Ms ymbfa asked him to choose a plate for her and give it to “The Girls” who were at the same market in Diessen and who brought it home for us.

(He also chose 2 other plates for us from another potter we rate highly and I sent him a bottle of wine as thanks for his trouble. A thank-you email turned up within minutes of the postie’s dropping it off. That’s the sort of guy he is. Which is why we like him)

Look at the plate.

Now look at Alan Houghton‘s stunning photo of Rangitoto, an extinct volcano in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

Can’t you just imagine the sea monsters lurking under the surface?

As always, there’s a story….

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