“You see, you are the wrong kind of immigrant.”

Clive Crook writes for Bloomberg View, the most recent in a long line of journalistic endeavours (The Economist, where I – unknowingly, no bylines at The Economist – started following him, FT’s Washington correspondent and The Atlantic)

He mostly writes about intersection of economics and politics.

A recent article for Bloomberg on his confusion in attempting to reconcile affirmative action with the principle of equality before the law garnered this response:

Well, thanks to your article here, you can expect another couple years to elapse before you finally get your green card. Then, as a welcome to this land of the free, you will get a few years of IRS financial cavity searches. 

You see, you are the wrong kind of immigrant. We want the kind with no skills, no money, no opinions (or at least not your opinions). We want the kind who can be told that the US owes them something, and if they vote for “me,” they’ll get it! Which of course they won’t, but that comes later…

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