The Year of the…..WHAT??!!

indexGermany being Germany (and a country where prostitution is legal) you end up with some strange stories.

This friend of mine lives in a village and his next door neighbour is a hooker.

Fairly common knowledge in the road and they all got used to cars turning up at all hours from which shame-faced blokes scuttled into the house, avoiding eye contact with the locals.

And they figured that SHE knows that THEY know..

Someone even tracked her down to a website that caters for this stuff – she gets great reviews…..

Where it says that she’s been 49 for the past 7 years or so that she’s been on the game…

Anyway, this friend is a bit hard of hearing and when someone at work mentioned that it was the Chinese Year of the Horse, he got it massively wrong.

Off he toddles to the Chinese grocery and buys her a New Years card. A bit confused by the nag on the front, but the Chinese chappy assured him it was the right one.

Pops it into her letterbox and a couple of days later, she calls him up and says ta for the card, but I don’t get it.

“Well” he says ” the Chinese have a different thingie each year – last year it was the rat, I think – and this year, it’s the Year of the Whores, so I thought it would be appropriate…”

Went down not at all well.

He reckons that his chances of getting a neighbours’ discount have taken a bit of a beating…..



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