The next installment

Rocked over to Fresh Choice in Richmond todayto buy some müsli.

Empty shelf where my favourite brand is.

Asked one of the nice ladies when they’d be getting some more.

“Well” she said “we’re expecting the next installment on Tuesday”

Installment” I said “Don’t you mean delivery?”

“No” she said ” “Installment. It’s a cereal….”

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2 Responses to The next installment

  1. Virginia says:

    That took a minute.

  2. says:
    1. any of several parts into which a debt or other sum payable is divided for payment at successive fixed times:
    to pay for furniture in monthly installments.

    2. a single portion of something furnished or issued by parts at successive times:
    a magazine serial in six installments.

    Where does cereal come into the picture? I’m trying to keep up with new uses of English words but this time I’m confused…

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