My elderly Cousin Ruth reckons….

x1HQxdY%RDyHIW5lbfA….that you can tell a good restaurant if it provides fish knives pour le poisson.

(She’s been known to fire off  incendiary missives of heavy duty bolleauxing to places that slip up that atomise restaurant manages in milliseconds….)

So she’d definitely like the Auberge de Lagnes in the eponymous village down here in the Luberon.

And this is what you get for €29…

An amuse bouche of shredded beetroot topped with goat curd
A deep-fried soft boiled egg on sauteed leek and morel sauce
Lamb shoulder confit
Goat cheese with wild herbs and olive oil, onion jam, mesclun salad
Good pour of wine €4.50
Coffee comped

Beat that…..



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1 Response to My elderly Cousin Ruth reckons….

  1. vjonesphoto says:

    I don’t recommend messing with Aunt Ruth.

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