You know you’re in France #17k

…… when the rusty French (that was actually *really* good 55 years ago) let’s you translate stuff like this in a flash – “The wine in front of you” -, but you have *no* idea (if you ever knew…) that you’re facing down a third person indefinite stressed pronoun…..

(That would be “soi” – the Gallic equivalent of “one”.

Sort of.

And a pretty good deal to get a decent glass of wine and a platter with cold cuts and cheese for €10

Nice to get a “kia ora”, too….

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1 Response to You know you’re in France #17k

  1. vjonesphoto says:

    I will attempt to comment if the WordPress gods are feeling benevolent tonight.
    As you know JB, my French is laughable but I can surely translate VIN!

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