You know you’re in Menerbes #19….

….when that washing machine noise you think you’re hearing is heaps of folding stuff being recycled.

Dude #1 has bought an old structure (probably belonged to the larger structure on the left…)  just below the village.

Thought it might be a GOOD IDEA to line his new driveway with Italian Cypress trees.

100+ of them.

Over 4m tall.

Around €500 a shot.

Not including all the Jacques et Michels, le Digger ou le Crane all of whom spent a good 2 days on the job.

Plus the palm trees, natch.

20 of those…


Dude #2 snaffled a place bang slap in the middle of the village.

Built on a cliff.

His backyard is now a swimming pool.

And what used to be a wall now has a big hole in it for yer inside-outside flow, as they say in the real estate ads.

Not much privacy, though.

Not as if you could plant some Italian Cypress to shield yourself from the throngs searching every nook and cranny for Peter Mayle…


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