If anyone’s wondering what the flooding looks like in Germany….

This is Schuld, population of around 750 and about 90 minutes drive north from here.



At some stage, Ahr river made an oxbow, the sediment solidified and over the last 1000 years folks built on it.

Precipitation of 200ml in less than 24 hours.

The river a bit further downstream went from under 1 metre to somewhere north of 6 metres. That’s when the level measuring device either lost power or was washed away.

And the river reverted to its old route through the village and washed away 6 houses.


No trace.

Plus damage to every other property.

And this is just ONE village.

Over 100 dead and over 1000 missing, although we’re hoping that they’ll just be “uncontactable” with power out and cell towers down over the whole region.

We tried to deliver clothing and crockery to the local fire station for the 40′ truck they’d hired to get stuff to the thousands of people who have lost absolutely everything.


Next fire station.


Try again tomorrow.

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