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Testing the “Nine Lives” theory

Benjamin, Devonport’s library cat, performing a robust test of the concept. I get the impression that he didn’t get to the “Don’t push your luck” disclaimer…

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Oh, don’t start Mr. Bleeding Heart, how can you be racist to a lift?

  Subtitles for the Scottishly-impaired [Iain] Where’s the buttons? [Rob] Oh no, they’ve installed voice-recognition technology in this lift, they have no buttons. [Iain] Voice-recognition technology? In a lift? In Scotland? You ever tried voice-recognition technology? [Rob] No. [Iain] They … Continue reading

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>Glad it wasn’t me

> I have a feeling that this is somehow going to turn out to be my fault. Famous potter Petra Bittl gifted Mrs jb “something to go with the piece you bought last year” for her birthday. “Much too extravagant” … Continue reading

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