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Catch 22 or – “A day in the life of a refugee”

In Joseph Heller’s novel, people who were crazy were not obliged to fly missions; but anyone who applied to stop flying was showing a rational concern for his safety and, therefore, was sane. Catch 22, a type of unsolvable logic … Continue reading

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A day at The Broad, LA

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MCASD – La Jolla

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Now you see it……

…now you don’t. Good deed for the day…

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An expert chances his arm

  Three favorites for best picture: Spotlight, Revenant and Big Short. I’m betting on Big Short, but most people favor Revenant. Other predictions: Director: Favorite is Revenant, and I agree, though I’d love to see George Miller win for Mad … Continue reading

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How true….

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Bloody hell…

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Parliamentary democracy 101

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Though it’s never early to make a mistake

Roger Chapman and Streetwalker in May 1975 40 years on and it hasn’t lost a thing… Well, I know that you’re lonely Come in from the cold Your shoes may need mending Your clothes may look old Won’t you pick … Continue reading

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Must be the maid….

True story. Friend was staying at a hotel with his wife and found a charge for a 3rd person on his bill. “Must have been the maid” he surmised “Wife’s way past childbearing age and anyway, can’t see the Hilton … Continue reading

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