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>I found this in the comments on Rest Area 300m,the blog of the late (great) Simon Lindsay who passed away last week. It gave me the shivers. At about the time he died, I was putting the final touches on … Continue reading

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>The new extremely English Bible

>This, I believe, appeared in “Punch” many years ago in response to a survey in “The Observer”. Most Britons still believe in the concept of sin Most Britons and nearly a third believe in hell and the devil according to … Continue reading

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>Simon Lindsay RIP

>Oh dear. This makes me so very sad. Simon Lindsay aka Dodderyoldfart of Rest Area 300m passed away last Wednesday. He had one of the best blogs on the web. Witty, serious, cultured, urbane, articulate, outrageous, ironic. Plain funny,too. You … Continue reading

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