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>I’m very sorry about this…#4

>My mate Pete’s then-girlfriend Linda used to do announcements at Terminal 3 at Heathrow back in the 1970s. I guess you get into a bit of a routine after a while – “Flight such and such is delayed and will … Continue reading

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>Don’t ask me (about cooking) #18

>Well, do actually… I’m a bit of a dab hand (if I say so myself) when it comes to things culinary and I was well pleased to read the New Times’ “Summer Express – 101 simple meals ready in 10 … Continue reading

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>What a load of bull…

>The Daily Telegraph is gender-challenged

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>Lost in translation

>If there’s one thing I’ve missed in Germany, it’s subtle and witty advertising. Television’s infected with fake dentist’s wives touting toothpaste, middle-aged people being attacked in the middle of the night by snaking, sparking electric wires (you can keep them … Continue reading

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>I’m very sorry about this…#3

>It could also be a “This I need…” post. Or have needed.For sure. Those rascally Germans have come up with a solution for the age old problem of getting caught short in the car with the Roadbag. There’s even music … Continue reading

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>The Right Stuff

>Read the second paragraph – a single sentence – and be amazed. In the training film the flight deck was a grand piece of gray geometry, perilous, to be sure, but an amazing abstract shape as one looks down upon … Continue reading

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Mug of the month #2

OK, teabowl of the month. And no, it’s not August yet, either. Anyway. Richard Dewar (who’s been in France for almost as long as I’ve been in Germany) claims that this is from his “grunge” period. There’s nothing I enjoy … Continue reading

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>Karla with a K

>There are coincidences and then there are coincidences. At Rosemarie Jäger‘s excellent gallery in Hochheim this morning for the opening of a posthumous retrospective of Erich Kuhn’s wood sculptures and an octogenarian retrospective of Beate Kuhn’s ceramics (with some excellent … Continue reading

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>Customer Service – 1 & 2

>One Toddled into Mainz a bit late this morning and figured that a late breakfast at Cafe Dinges just off the Cathedral Square wouldn’t be the worst idea. Had a quick look at the menu to see if they’re still … Continue reading

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>Weather you like it or not…

>Call this the Meteorological Midweek Mix One of the readers has been having a moan about things meteorological. Quite right, too. No point in shaving your legs, putting on nail polish and investing in expensive diaphanous kit if the sun … Continue reading

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