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>This I need – #2

> An AK-47 guitar. Birthday’s next month. Thank you very kindly.

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>Don’t ask me (about Psychedelic Spaghetti) #16

> Clement Freud. Writer, broadcaster, and politician. That doesn’t even start to describe him He used to have a food column in the Observer magazine (I think) in the early 1970s and one stuck out. It was an instruction manual … Continue reading

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>The fridge on wheels

>Saw today that my mate and ex-boss, Gunter, has a flash new Mercedes as his company car. And good on him, too.If you’re one of the head honchos of a big company, you certainly deserve it. I’ve never really placed … Continue reading

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>I forecast…#1

> …..intense local sunspot activity in California for Monday. A nice Sunny Afternoon [Listen], the Kinks would say…I’d recommend SPF 200. At least.

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>Poles apart

>Don’t misconstrue this as political incorrectness (hidden meaning: this is going to be very un-PC), but I’m having considerable difficulty staying on an even keel at the moment. It’s the EU summit, the Brits are playing their usual game of … Continue reading

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>This I need – #1

>A USB doorbell I think I’ll use this. Something nice and gentle Or this (although it did put the wind up most people when I had it as a ring-tone.) Or perhaps this Yes, I think that’s the one…

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>Don’t ask me about (Freakonomics) – #15

> This a good one. Stephen Dubner, one of the authors of “Freakonomics” (great book, although I prefer Tim Harford’s “The Underground Economist“) was on a domestic Northwest flight in Business. . Didn’t want the meal for a variety of … Continue reading

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Words to music – Tuwhare

Take an iconic poet, get some of the country’s top contemporary artists to put the lyrics to music and you’ve got “Tuwhare“, a collection curated by Charlotte Yates and quite a wonderful work of art. Add a video of the … Continue reading

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>Don’t ask me (about "The Consumerist") – #14

>“The Consumerist” is a useful website. It flags a wide range of shady, devious and downright illegal practices that seem more prevalent in the US than elsewhere and provides a forum for people a) to let off steam and b) … Continue reading

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>Don’t ask me (about carbon neutrality) #13

>This is a Saab 9.3 convertible.Turbocharged.150 horsepower Cruising at 130 km/h. Sort of 80-ish mph.Averaging 123 km/hGetting 6.6 litres/100 kmh36 mpg. Not bad.

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