>Karla with a K

>There are coincidences and then there are coincidences.

At Rosemarie Jäger‘s excellent gallery in Hochheim this morning for the opening of a posthumous retrospective of Erich Kuhn’s wood sculptures and an octogenarian retrospective of Beate Kuhn’s ceramics (with some excellent Riesling to wash it all down)

Started chatting with a lady whom we’d seen (and whom I’d photographed) at Marianne Heller’s gallery in Heidelberg way back in April and I promised to send her a link to Flickr.
“Excellent” she said “My email address is Karla – with a K…. etc etc @t-online.de”

And I’m thinking:

“Hooters! A hurricane is on its way, call it Karla with a K!”

I’m also thinking:

“Forget it – no-one in this room has even heard of the song…Don’t make a scene”

The subject of demographics came up when we were talking later on with Elke Wolf and Dorothee Wenz – they’d exhibited together at Odile Landragin‘s a couple of weeks ago.

We were young compared with the rest of them today (the exception being the 2 W”s, who are even younger) and it appears that there’s a group of iconic artists in Germany- either deceased or not far off – who have a following that’s pretty much their own age group.

I mentioned that it sounded like Cadillac’s demographics – people who had started buying the brand in their 40s and were now in their 70s. No replacements in sight and at some stage, the entire market was going to shuffle off to the grave.
(Just looked it up – average age of a Cadillac buyer in 2002 was 66.)

Thought nothing more of it until I played the track –

Hurricanes and Cadillacs
They run you down and don’t look back

Now, that’s worth a couple of cuts…

Karla with a K – The Hooters from One way home [Listen}
Cadillac Hotel – Little Feat from Hotcakes & Outtakes [Listen}
Comin’ Back In a Cadillac (Live!) – Al Kooper from Black Coffee [Listen}

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