>The Midweek Mixtape – 4 July 2007

>Mix and Match #11

[Disclaimer #1: The mixes and the majority of the tracks from all of these mixtapes are the original C90s from the late 70’s/early mid 80’s. Vinyl to tape. Play a couple of hundred times. Tape to mp3. Snap, crackle, pop and hums are free of charge]


No Phil Colon. Again

Some songs are goose bump material.
“Sehnsucht” -(“Longing”) is one. You don’t have to know German to understand it.

Spoken by a small child in an environment utterly void of affection

Why is the sky empty? Isn’t there anyone up there anymore?
Why did you have me? I was lost before I was even born
This land of executioners. No man’s land
A burnt-out paradise
I’m homesick, I want be somewhere else
Longing? I don’t know what it is
I just want to get away
As far as I can

Ich will raus! Let me out!

Frampton’s very, very best album
Burritos are the logical extension of the only band whose albums I’d have queued overnight for. (There’s a restaurant in Wellington by the same name. Cuba St, I believe. Opposite Logan Browns. Not that I’ve eaten there. Neither of them)
I had the opening chords to “Welcome to the club” as a ring tone at one stage. Scared the shit out of everyone.
Ever liked the mandolin on Rod Stewart’s decent albums (Every picture tells a story, Never a dull moment, bits of Smiler)? That was Ray Jackson from Lindisfarne
Snakes on the run is a beaut. Joe Walsh comes thundering in at 2:30, subtle as a brick. And the 33 seconds from 3:03 have everything – thundering piano scales, Joe’s back again with a delicacy that still blows me away and Willie Weeks lets go with a big bass “WOO” at rthe end. Wonderful stuff.

Work the rest out for yourselves – I ‘m going to put Snakes on repeat for an hour or so.

Well, if it wasn’t for Dave doing Mercury Blues. Saw him do it acoustically live in Sheffield last year. Almost as noisy.
And Nackt im Wind (“Naked in the wind”) which was the local answer to the “Do they know it’s Christmas”/”We are the world” fluff and beats them both hands down for lyrics, content, focus, whatever you want to list. Hands down. Every bastard and his brother (or sister) who is/was anything in German music- and of course you’ve heard of none of them. Except for Nena. Maybe.
Here’s YouTube
Had the start of Jungle Love as a ring tone once, too. I have no idea what I was thinking about…
Actually, there’s not a duff track on the whole tape, come to think of it
Definitely not Chrissie Hynde. Here’s a beaut acoustic version on YouTube
Or Feat.
Or JJ Cale

Sehnsucht – Purple Schulz from Hautnah
Wind of change – Peter Frampton from Wind of change
Bon soir blues – Flying Burrito Brothers from Flying again
Come and go blues – Gregg Allman Band from Playin’ up a storm
Welcome to the Club – Joe Walsh from So What
Sea cruise – Glen Frey from No fun aloud
Meet me on the corner – Lindisfarne from Fog on the Tyne
Stairway to heaven – Led Zeppelin from IV
Wired to the moon – Chris Rea from Wired to the moon
Your song – Elton John from Elton John
Snakes on the run – Jay Ferguson from All alone in the end zone
Everything must change – Paul Young from The secret of association
Cut it away – Jackson Browne from Lawyers in love
Mercury blues – David Lindley from El Rayo Live
If This Is It – Huey Lewis & The News from 80’s 02
Nackt im Wind – Band für Afrika from Nackt im Wind
Jungle love – Steve Miller Band from Book of dreams
Back on the chain gang – Pretenders from Learning to crawl
Of Missing Persons – Jackson Browne from Hold Out
Six feet of snow – Little Feat from Down on the farm
Don’t cry sister – J.J Cale from V (5)

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1 Response to >The Midweek Mixtape – 4 July 2007

  1. jane says:

    >Hi John, loved the Pretenders-I’d forgotten what a great song chain gang is! Loved seeing it done that way.Now my 13 year old daughter is very keen- and she can play a pretty mean guitar too…lookout!!

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