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>That’s what friends are for.

> The coffee here's terrible. I think they make it by roasting used hypodermic syringes. mixing the residue with the contents of the gazundas and straining it through soiled sheets. So it was a real treat to get a latte … Continue reading

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>You can tell me what you like……

> leg's now longer than the other. I tried to point this out to the surgeon the other day, but he shot off on a tangent about how the titanium for the new bit is sourced from the same … Continue reading

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> The guy in the bed next me gets so many visitors, it’s not funny. Take that literally. I’m checking with lawyers whether I can publish this, but let’s just say that there’s a distinct lack of firewall between vocal … Continue reading

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>Vampires 2

>I wish they’d make up their bloody minds… First of all, they drain of litres of the stuff. Now they reckon they took too much and need to put some back. I think I should have asked to see their … Continue reading

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>Don’t ask me… (about Hip-Hop)

>How very droll…. Here’s something to be going on with, anyway Oscar [Listen] by The Cool Kids from Thats Stupid / Re-Motivation Press Play [Listen] by Snoop Dogg from Ego Trippin’ She Said (Remix) [Listen] by J Dilla from Jay … Continue reading

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> I think I've worked out why they're torturing me. I appear to have offended the doctor. All this under influence of morphine or whatever goodies they pumped me fulll of yesterday, I'm supposed to have accused him of stealing … Continue reading

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>Here we go again

> This is becoming a little too regular for my living…… University Clinic last year, Vincenz Klinik this year. Checked all the aural appendages which apppear to intact, so they appear to have had a go at my leg instead….

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>I don’t believe it……

> They really DO write on the leg that’s about to be amputated (or whatever it is they plan to do today) with Magic Marker.So I didn’t need to have ‘Not this one’ tatooed on the other leg after all.Wish … Continue reading

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>HYmini – Must have

> Wired Magazine is fatal for we Early Adopters/Gadget Boys predisposed to terminal geekness. The HYmini will charge up its 5v battery in a 9 mph/15 kmh wind and can then be milked via USB 2.0.50 bucks at The … Continue reading

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> This is a gem. MCASD at La Jolla’s Soundwaves exhibition is a stunner and Sean Duffy’s installation of 2 fused turntables, with 2 tone arms offsetting the same record, is the pick of the litter. It’s dead easy to … Continue reading

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