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>Songs you have to work for

>Some songs just turn up. Music blogs, Lastfm, whatever. Something’ll be playing in the background in a record store, you hear it, grab it and away you go. One more for the collection. There are some that’ll take you years … Continue reading

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>Only in Nelson

>Can’t get much more direct than that, can you… Seen at Monaco

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>MFTP celebrates giant’s 3rd birthday

> You should have seen the cake……

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>Baby you can drive my car

> That’s the thing with the Bionic Leg, of course.At some stage, it’ll want to get driving again. So you do the research. You get a bandwidth like this:• When your doctor says it’s OK• When you feel confident• Not … Continue reading

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>The Wall of Thorns

> And then there's the Wall of Thorns. The water in Bad Kreuznach is ascribed magic properties, which might be good PR by the City Fathers who are onto a nice little moneyspinner, or it might actually be true. What … Continue reading

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>It’s a gas…

>Things are moving towards a tipping point over here. Despite the almost incestuous relationship that Germans have with their cars, there’ll come a time when there’ll be a lemming-like rush away from personal transportation to public transport. I have no … Continue reading

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>Now, what was that about….

> ..coxless fours….?

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>Avert thy eyes….

> …..for thou art a German walker. One thing I'll never come to terms with is the phenomenon of the Invisible Walker. You''re out in the open countryside, miles from anywhere and along comes a walker. Perhaps even a group. … Continue reading

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> This is the strangest darn thing. It reminds me of those Hollywood B-movies where the aliens have invaded Earth and taken over mankind's brains, leaving them to drift around in a zombified state and gather at pre-determined locations for … Continue reading

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>Tracks of my tears

>Not wishing to be blasphemous or anything, but these three dudes captured in stained glass in the chapel at St Vincenz hospital reminded me so much of the one of those 60s/70s Motown backing combos. The Miracles, Smokey Robinson’s vocal … Continue reading

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