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>A Magritte sky

> What a cracker of a sky today. Google 'Magritte' and you'll see what I mean

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Visitors II

Mine continue to be of exceptionally high quality. Siegfried and Erika Leucht, the 161 year-olds (she’s 82, he’s 79) from across the road popped in yesterday with photos of the camelia from their garden and some goodies. Just the nicest … Continue reading

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> They put something in the water to keep you quiet. I'm pretty sure of it. Either that, or the pills. Most of the time you drift along in a semi-painfree state (which I figure beats the other option), but … Continue reading

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>Head torture practitioner

> "You have to be a bit of a sadist in this line of work" she said This is Annika, the physiotherapist. You wouldn't suspect that under this gentle and attractive exterior lurks the soul of the Marquis de Sade. … Continue reading

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>Cabin fever

> This is a very useful device.You can hang on to it and drag yourself around in bed.They can hang transfusions and drips and stuff off it.And you can use it quite effectively to confuse the wardens.Wait until you hear … Continue reading

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>Gods in white, angels in blue

> The wardens come around daily to make sure we haven’t absconded. Dr Koshewa who – being quite handy with hacksaws, hammers, screwdrivers, routers and similar kit – checks to make sure that Leg 2.0 hasn’t fallen off yet and … Continue reading

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>Wired up

> I thought they had me wired up for video the other day. Until I realised that- instead of RGB – it was pretty much RRR. Aaaah. Drainage tubes! Those things they ram 5cm into your thigh under anaesthetic. And … Continue reading

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>The racetrack

> This is the racetrack. Every 2 hours, you're allowed ("allowed" is good – the wardens lurk around with whips….) to walk the length of the corridor and then back to bed. Not as easy as it sounds. Given that … Continue reading

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>Before and after

> Now, how was that? Best foot forward…?

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>So they cut open my leg instead…

>Juke Joint [Listen] by Johnny Red Sovine Don’t Bogart That Joint [Listen] by Little Feat from The Last Record AlbumHigh Class Joint (live) [Listen] by Brinsley Schwarz from Live at The Top Rank, Cardiff, Wales, June 1974 Tags: Joint, hip … Continue reading

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