This is the strangest darn thing.

It reminds me of those Hollywood B-movies where the aliens have invaded Earth and taken over mankind's brains, leaving them to drift around in a zombified state and gather at pre-determined locations for some more brainwashing or to receive instructions from the ruling alien clan.

But – this being Bad Kreuznach – it's supposed to be good for you.

There's a pipe emanating from what appears to be an altar (this is where my over-fertile imagination kicks in….) that sprays a fine mist of healing waters into the gathered throngs.

Who just sit there for hours on end and then supposedly throw away their crutches or abandon their wheelchairs and skip joyfully into the sunset.

I tried it for 10 minutes and all that happened is that my "Economist" got all soggy.

And then the wind shifted and someone else got the downwind benefits.

They were up on their feet in no time, so perhaps it does work.

Either that or there nothing wrong with them in the first place and they just didn't want to get soaked….

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