>Don’t ask me… (about Frau Einstein)

The lady who delivers the free papers around our way is really nice, but she definitely isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Somewhere over the years, she picked up the name “Frau Einstein”. (From whom, I have absolutely NO IDEA…)

So I’m cleaning the windows at the front of the house , things having been ALLOWED TO SLIP during my recent absence, and the water hose – as usual – gets tangled up around 4 pots at once.

If you WANTED to do it, you couldn’t.

It’d take you years of trying….

“Can someone PLEASE tell me how the FUCKING HOSE can get tangled up around FOUR FUCKING POTS at the SAME FUCKING TIME”.

Rhetorical question.

I know the answer – it’s “Sod’s Law”

Voice from behind me : “Oh, I thought I heard someone talking. I’ll leave the paper in front of the door, then”

Good thing she doesn’t speak English.

I hope….

Cleaning Windows [Listen] Van Morrison from Live At The Grand Opera House Belfast

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