>Shit, this is a…..(Good Newspaper)


The Süddeutsche Zeitung is the cream of crop of quality daily broadsheets that we’re lucky enough to have in Germany.

It’s published in Munich and thus has the conservative-liberal slant that we old people tend to like.

It’s journalistically exquisite.

Read the sports section.

You’ll find writing skills that you’ll rarely find in other newspapers’ editorials.

Gems like:

“Frings – who displays his bad mood so refreshingly….”
Christiano Ronaldo is “galactic”, Schweinsteiger’s run from the right wing to the centre is termed “politically correct”, Mertesacker gave the impression of being “not only 196cm tall, but also weighing 196kg”

But it was the opening question of an interview with Heiner Geißler, a leading German politician over 3 decades and an enthusiastic climber at 78, that left me speechless the other day.

Lesser papers would have asked: ” Why do you like climbing?

Not the SDZ: “

If you put a piece of paper on the table and push the edges towards the centre, you create a mini mountain landscape, because you’ve compressed the area of the paper. Basically, it’s the way mountains were formed millions of years ago. From a geological and mathematical perspective, mountains are actually large areas confined to a smaller space. They lay claim to the third dimension. Is it perhaps this dimension that underpins our fascination with mountains?

One of Geissler’s answers – just for the record and heavily excerpted:

Track and field sports are just hard work, tennis is a craft, mountaineering is an art form

More of the same, please.

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