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Mug of the month- August 2008

>Sabine Kratzer is a porcelainist, if there’s such a word. Paper-thin to point of translucency, this piece gives an insight into her skill levels. Stunning. Not the sort of mug that you’d want to cup yout hands around on a … Continue reading

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>Why is it….

> ….that you can’t have fun anymore? The brainy looking chap in the middle with the funny black thing perched ill-fittingly on his head is Matthew, my cousin Dave’s youngest. And brainy he is too. MA in History and just … Continue reading

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>Viel Llama um nichts

> The New Zealand wine industry has its roots in the Dalmatian and Lebanese immigrants of the late 19th/early 20th centuries who brought their culture, vines and enjoyment of the products thereof to an exceptionally wowserish and puritanical New Zealand. … Continue reading

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>People just don’t think…#3

> ….as John Whatley would say. There’s all this hooha in Mainz about where you can ride a bike and where you can’t. They first proposed that you couldn’t ride anywhere in the pedestrian precincts, but the place has been … Continue reading

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>"But he was such a nice chap…"

> So I’m in Sao Paulo in the early 90s during a Revenue Management roadshow for the troops and I’m out on the town with Klaus Sandgathe (one of last months’ funerals) I’d worked with Klaus for a few years … Continue reading

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>People just don’t think…#2

> ….as John Whatley would say. Needed to replace one of these energy-saving bulbs the other day. They’re claimed to last a lifetime, but no-one’s defined whose lifespan. I’m guessing that of a butterfly. Given that the darn thing costs … Continue reading

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>People just don’t think…

> ….as John Whatley would say. Get a form to claim benefits as a cripple handicapped person mobility-challenged individual (I kid you not – over here, if you have a hip joint replacement, you’re a cripple er handicapped er mobility … Continue reading

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>Tunes for a Tuesday – 26 August 2008

> Montefiory Cocktail – Agua De Beber from Putumayo Presents: World LoungeB.F. Shelton – Darling Cora from People Take Warning 3: Man Vs. ManJimi Hendrix – Day Tripper from BBC SessionsThe Residents – Fire ’99 / Santa Dog 2nd Millenium … Continue reading

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>It’s all in the pronunciation…

> That’s the problem with being multilingual. You’ll see or hear something quite innocuous in one language that cracks you up in another. “Frühlingshit“, for example. Springtime Special Offer. Or even Spring Hit, if you’re talking about music hit. Then, … Continue reading

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>The Igneous Petrology of Ice Cream

> Maria Brumm is a geologist.. She reckons that “Ice cream is an igneous rock. You begin with a liquid slurry containing a hodgepodge of chemicals, and by bringing it below its freezing point, you create something solid – or … Continue reading

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