>People just don’t think…


….as John Whatley would say.

Get a form to claim benefits as a cripple handicapped person mobility-challenged individual (I kid you not – over here, if you have a hip joint replacement, you’re a cripple er handicapped er mobility whatever.ed..).

Duly fill it out and notice that there’s nowhere to sign.

Call up the bureaucrats who tell me that it comprises 2 sheets, not just the 1 sheet that they’ve given me.

Politely suggest that they could avoid the problem by either stapling the sheets together or – even better – indicating “Page 1 of 4”, “Page 2 of 4” and so on.

“No, that wouldn’t work” says the bouncer receptionist “The ideas have to come from the top.”

“Who’s at the top of the tree, then” I ask.

“So and so, but that won’t help either, because he’s also got a boss. And his boss has ALSO got a boss “

So it seems like I have to write to the Premier of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate to get things done.

Fat chance of anything happening, seeing what I’ve written about Kurt Beck on occasion…..

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