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>Why is it….

> ….that you can’t have fun anymore? The brainy looking chap in the middle with the funny black thing perched ill-fittingly on his head is Matthew, my cousin Dave’s youngest. And brainy he is too. MA in History and just … Continue reading

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>Why is it…#3

>….that they don’t ask me about these things first. Some researchers have just spent three years exploring Britain’s café sector. Their report is titled “The Cappuccino Community: Cafes and Civic Life in the Contemporary Community” They’ve discovered, for example, that … Continue reading

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>Why is it….#2

>….that around 70% of professional cyclists are asthmatic – up from 45% in 1996. It can’t be because they’re then (legally) allowed to take corticosteroids. And it can’t be a coincidence that the asthmatics are faster than the rest of … Continue reading

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>Why is it…. -#1

>….that torrential rain brings out disabled shoppers in droves? That’s the only logical explanation for the fact that EVERY SINGLE disabled slot was taken at ALL the stores I visited today.Not that I need preferential parking. Yet. Or is it … Continue reading

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