>Why is it…. -#1

….that torrential rain brings out disabled shoppers in droves?

That’s the only logical explanation for the fact that EVERY SINGLE disabled slot was taken at ALL the stores I visited today.

Not that I need preferential parking. Yet.

Or is it that the usual lazy buggers selfishly grabbing disabled parking – which pisses me off at the best of times – are joined by aquaphobic lazy buggers selfishly grabbing disabled parking.

Right next to the store.

So they don’t fucking dissolve in the rain, or what..?

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1 Response to >Why is it…. -#1

  1. >Marty Clark from the Polytech was interviewed on TV ONE’s disability programme last weekend; one of his students in a wheelchair had a T-shirt that said: “I’m in this chair for the parking”. The programme, overall, showed that NCC is not exactly disability-friendly, though.

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