>I didn’t meet David Gilmour the other day…

The best record store in the Vaucluse.

I didn’t meet David Gilmour the other day.
We were at the farmers’ market in Coustellet and Mrs B says

“He looks like that aristocratic sounding singer”.

I looked at this old
farmer with a nose like a walnut, selling pairs of organic cucumbers tied together with rubber bands and I’m saying “George Melly? He doesn’t really look like George Melly. He’s not wearing an eye-patch for starters. And you’ve never even heard him, anyway.”.

She: “No, the aristocratic sounding bloke who sings the song I don’t like”

David Gilmour.

Best known to some people for his version of “Don’t” at the Scotty Moore tribute concert. Which some people don’t care for.
(To the rest of the world, of course, as a Pink Floyd.

Me: “He doesn’t look a bit like David Gilmour”
She: “No, not him. Not the FARMER. He’s your age, wearing a faded red t-shirt. He’s gone now.”

Rapid pursuit, but he’s nowhere to be seen

She: “He was walking as if he was in a hurry”

I bet he was.
Probably peering over his shoulder.
Probably muttering “Oh fuck, not another bloody tourist encounter”

But it was David Gilmour.
I know it was David Gilmour, because the day before at the market in Apt, I found the best record store in the region. And it’s not even a store.

It had everything.

Nick Drake.
Gram Parson’s first band.
Tod Rungren

John Mayall’s late 60s stuff from Laurel Canyon.

All of Patti Smith’s early stuff.

Obscurer stuff, even.
And vinyl.

I know it was David Gilmour, because I bought 2 CDs .

One was Robert Wyatt’s “Solar flares burn for you”
The other was “The Million Dollar Session”, with Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis.

I know it was David Gilmour because the first thing I heard when I woke up after the Dylan concert in Mannheim on April 30 was “Comfortably numb” at the Meltdown festival in 2001. Gilmour playing guitar, with Wyatt reading the lyrics.

And it was David Gilmour because his version of “Don’t” at the Scotty Moore concert is impeccable.

(Albert Lee hooked me up to it. He mentioned once that he’d played the gig with Ron Wood “who wasn’t drunk for a change. Actually, he probably was…”. Bought the DVD and it’s choice. Not only for David Gilmour.

And it all links in with the The Million Dollar Session.

Which was Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis fooling around in the Sun Studios, singing gospel and old-time songs in December 1956 at the Sun Studios with an open mike.
And a tape that got lost. And found.

So here’s a nice little selection
George Melly with his aristocratic voice on “The Blues” DVD set, telling tall tales and talking – together with Chris Barber and Eric Burdon – about Sister Mary Tharpe (And his book’s worth buying too)
Sister Mary Tharpe “Don’t Take Everybody To Be Your Friend” from Bob’s Theme Time Radio Hour

Elvis “Blue moon of Kentucky” from “The Complete 1950s Masters”
Jerry Lee Lewis “Rock and Roll” (with Jimmy Page) from “Last Man Standing”
Carl Perkins ” Blue Suede Shoes” from “Crossroads:Southern Roots”
Matchbox” – Carl Perkins again – by the Beatles from “Live at the BBC”
Johnny Cash “Four strong winds” from “American V: A Hundred Highways”
David Gilmour’s “Don’t” from “Scotty Moore – A tribute to the king”

Comfortably numb” with Van Morrison and Pink Floyd

Robert Wyatt “Soup Song” from “
Solar flares burn for you

And I know for sure that it was David Gilmour, because Finn Mac Eoin, the Poet Laureate of Lacoste, told me he lives here.

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