>Don’t ask me (about my friend the professor) – #11

>I have a friend who’s a professor.

Ph.D. Teaches at a university.

A real professor.

As you might imagine, he’s a pretty clued up guy.

There have been some lapses of concentration, though.

You risk getting beer that’s a year past its best-by date if you’re not careful.

And he once set a fondue alight.
Not the oil. The metal structure.

The painted metal structure.

We were pretty far into the evening, so we just sat there and looked at each other and watched the soot gather on the ceiling and when the pyrotechnics were over, he said “That was interesting” and carried on as if nothing had happened.

His Dad told me the family legend of how he once almost cooked the family cat, but I’m not allowed to mention that, so I shan’t.

He’s also a guest professor at the University of Dijon so he recommended a place to stay down there.
Keyed the address into the new nav system and off we went.

Got to the village, drove past quite a nice looking establishment, but the witch-in-the-box insisted that we had another 700 meters to go.
“You have arrived at your destination”, she said.
Look at the place.
It says ” Number 20″
Look at the place again.

To say it didn’t meet expectations would be an understatement..

But then again, it might be one of these infrequent lapses of concentration.

Rang some bells at the collection of hovels. No answer.

Thought we might have a look at the other place .
Just in case.

Number 20. The right road.
Lucky for him

He’s also been known to get dressed up as a reindeer for a Xmas card, but that’s even another story altogether…..

Here’s some Professor Longhair, anyway.
Mardi Gras in New Orleans.mp3 by himself.
Her mind is gone.mp3 from David Lindley and Hani Nasser.

For the follically-challenged.

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