>This I need – Runkeeper


Out in the vineyards giving Leg 2.0 a workout the other morning and I said to Mrs jb:
“Instead of this stupid little pedometer that tells you sod all, what I’d find useful would be a GPS device that stores your data and then pushes them as a flat file to a program that then maps them to Google Maps. I think I’ll patent the idea. make a mint”
Yes dear” which can mean anything from “I haven’t a clue what you’re on about” to “Not again…”
Too late.
Some buggers have done just that – an App for the iPhone that shows you where you got lost, how long you stopped for a beer and all sorts of other useful stuff.
Not that I’ll be buying an iPhone any time soon.

Treo 680 will do just nicely, thanks. Cheap as chips, does the job……


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