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> …I could have have told you THAT, mate

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This is, of course, shit…..

  So are we allowed to be sad NOW, Wim?   Every time I’ve seen you since you knew that your brain tumour was terminal, you’d say   “Stop looking sad. You’ll have plenty of time to be sad later! … Continue reading

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Brainy people think differently II

    I have a friend who’s a nuclear physicist. Just the nicest guy. But I sometimes come away from his place and think (as far as my cranial constraints allow, that is..) ….”Brainy people think differently” Yesterday evening, for … Continue reading

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Don’t ask me……(about annoying the copywriter)

  You really couldn’t make this up. I was rolling around on the floor laughing when I showed this to a mate. “Aren’t those just the cooking instructions?” he asked. Woooooooosh.

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