>They must be joking


Air New Zealand is introducing a new unform, designed by Trelise Cooper.
Comments thus far:

Airline spokesman Ed Sims: “The uniform is “contemporary”, based on New Zealand themes that still allowed individual choice by addressing body type and personality preference.

A flight attendant: “The flight attendants look like drag queens off the Air New Zealand ‘pink’ flight. I haven’t worn that colour since I was five.”

Jack Yan, publisher of fashion magazine Lucire:  “I know airlines find differentiation very important today, but I’ve some doubts on whether pink conveys any national values.”

Me: “The only time I saw patterns and colours in that combination was when someone slipped some LSD into my beer at the “Three Magpies” in 1971. I don’t think I want to go there again….”

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5 Responses to >They must be joking

  1. Kate says:

    >These are really pretty ugly. The best uniform for flight attendants are worn by beautiful young women on Singapore Airlines, don't you think?!

  2. Jack Yan says:

    >One thing Singapore understands is: this is our national airline, and our brand is well defined. Therefore, we don’t need to change the uniforms all the time, just evolve them.   We need something timeless for Air New Zealand, rather than “fashionable”.   Thanks for the quote! (Found you when doing some ego-surfing!)

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