>I think I shall become a potter


Getting my hands mucky and living on the poverty line has never appealed to me that much, but with these newfangled 3D printers, it’s dead easy.

If I’ve understood this right, all you do is to get someone to do a CAD design (my mate Robin Capper in Auckland should be good for that..), plug in the printer, fill it up with clay and away you go.

Just sit back and watch a masterpiece evolve.

Only need to buy some glaze and a couple of paint brushes and we’re in business.

Kiln might be useful, but I’ve got a mate who makes them.

Might be able to borrow one for the day….

To Do list: Buy rubber gloves

Source: Unfold Fab
Via: Boing Boing

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1 Response to >I think I shall become a potter

  1. Robin Capper says:

    >I await intructions. Of course with organic CAD modelling and 3d printing "pots" can be almost any shape…

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