>Being polite is one thing….


Age discrimination is something quite different

Standing in the check-out queue at the supermarket, carrying a carton with some plants – no sweat, hardly noticing the weight – and the cashier says:

“You can put them down here if you like. Saves you carrying them for too long”

This is the non-mobile version of someone offering me their seat in the tram.

That’s something that  I  do for decrepit looking oldies or mums with kids.

Or – if everyone else is enthralled by something on the floor or outside the tram – I’m the one who says “OK, who’s going to offer their seat to mum and her baby?”

Do I really look that decrepit?

Guess I must do.

Bugger this.

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1 Response to >Being polite is one thing….

  1. Virginia says:

    >I'm rolling in the floor JB because last night I had hauled my trashcan to the alley and the neighbor came down and nicely stopped her car and waited. I was afraid to hold her up so I hurried and FELL, flat on my arse. She hopped out and said something about breaking a hip! For the LOVE! I hopped right up and acted like I was fine. Well today I have a sore bum but mum's the word! HA

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