>One Hit Wonders – Weggy Weggy Weggy, ‘ere comes Johnny Weggy



The Piglets

Pure Estuary English, glottal stops and all.

Invented and produced by Jonathon (“Everyone’s gone to the moon”) King.

John Wegg must have wanted to throttle him.

John Wegg used to work for Lufthansa at Heathrow in the 1970s as an Ops Agent.

He’d get the load details for an outbound flight – passenger figures, fuel, cargo, mail – , supervise the loading, fill out the load and trim sheet and then zip up the stairs to the cockpit and give it to the crew.

And then along came The Piglets with

“What’s ‘e like, Mavis?
E’s a real tasty geezer
Reggae reggae reggae
‘Ere comes Johnny Regggae
Reggae Johnny Reggae
Lay it on me”

Took Kieron Taylor about 3 seconds to see the potential and re-text it

Soon everyone was singing along.

Except Johnny Weggy.

John Wegg played a game in the Station football team against the Engineers, one of whom somehow got it into his head that he was trialing for the German national team.

Tackles John Wegg with an unbelievable ferocity and breaks his ankle in 34 places.

Once he learned to walk again, he still used a stick.

And they used to make sure that he didn’t get any flights that had a tight turnaround time.

Took him ages to get up and down the stairs to the cockpit.

To the tune of

Weggy Weggy Weggy, ‘ere comes Johnny Weggy…….

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