>Probably not…..


Thailand is one of the few places I regularly visit for which I don’t have a prepaid SIM card for the iPhone.
The United States is the other, but as far as I can work out, they don’t even EXIST there.
(Talk about world technology leaders….)
So I popped into the very flash True mobile phone outfit in the Paragon Centre.
The sweet young thing at the counter had NO CLUE what I was talking about, but a Thai guy jumped in to help, translated my question and translated her answer which was that I should go to a 7eleven store, buy a card and call up customer service to have them activate the data package.
“Will they understand me?” I asked.
“Probably not” he said.
Stuffed again……
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1 Response to >Probably not…..

  1. Nathan says:

    >Beh, find someone who speaks English and can make that call for you. Worked for me in Israel when all the instructions were in Hebrew.

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