How could I?

The Telegraph’s obituaries are a source of frequent wonder.

A recent one of Maj-Gen Sir Roy Redgrave who as a 19 year old officer won the Military Cross for bravery in the last week of world war 2, for example.

A commenter sums it up best:

I forward obits like this one to American friends who cannot understand why I have never become an American citizen after living in the USA for 22 years. How could I?

I felt very much the same way after the 2nd cricket test between England and India last week.

Ian Bell, one of England’s batsmen, was given out in very unusual circumstances on 137 runs.

The Indian team unanimously decided that it wasn’t in the spirit of the game and had him reinstated.

I forward stuff like this one to German acquaintances  who cannot understand why I have never taken up German nationality after living in here for almost 40 years.

How could I?

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