Paul. Three score and ten. Still going strong.

So this is how meetings with twin-bro Paul of Auckland West fame invariably pan out….

I let him know vaguely when I’ll be in New Zealand. He’ll then work out through astute questioning when I’ll be in Auckland and make a few appropriate suggestions for meeting.

We’ll then front up at the appointed time, grin like Cheshire cats at seeing each other and proceed to enjoy ourselves immensely for however long we’re together.

As in our most recent encounter at the Siren cafe in Titirangi last Sunday.

At which I found out that an earlier gathering of the offspring and an invitation to join them (which we unfortunately couldn’t take up) was to celebrate his 70th.

Here’s to many more….

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1 Response to Paul. Three score and ten. Still going strong.

  1. nathalie says:

    Wonderful. I remember last year’s shot where you did indeed look like twin bros 🙂

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !

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