9 lives used up?

Not a problem!

Become a helicopter!

This is a true story:

Dutch guy’s pet cat dies, so he puts it in the freezer until he works out what to do with it.

Has a brainwave, involving a taxidermist, a quadricopter and a remote control.

It’s certainly going to result in some paranoid members of the Aves species.

“It’s following me…break right, break right….!”

Interview on CBC’s “As it happens” here

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3 Responses to 9 lives used up?

  1. Petrea says:

    I suppose we could make Boz into a scooter but oh, the nightmares.

  2. nathalie says:

    Freakin’ good, keep’em coming !

  3. Kate says:

    This is SO weird! Guess cats don’t count in the following Peta quote:
    Gary Yourofsky
    Humane Education Lecturer
    “What we must do is start viewing every cow, pig, chicken, monkey, rabbit, mouse, and pigeon as our family members.”
    – The Toledo Blade (June 24, 2001)

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