Hope it’s not catching…

My Mate The Professor is celebrated for his absent-minded Professorness, but I swear he’s improving with age.

We’re away for the weekend with the dragons wimmin and it’s his turn to head off to the bakery in the next village to buy rolls for breakfast.

Quantities are agreed the previous night, instructions are documented (3 white, 9 wholemeal granary) and off he heads (in the car, lazy bugger – I walked the previous day..).

Returns with 7 white rolls.

Ms MMTP rips into him along the lines of “can’tyoureadwhyareyousostupidthisisbeyondbeliefwhatmorecanIdoapartwriteitdownforyou?”, but I’ve found a book that explains it all.

It’s called “Thinking fast and slow” by Daniel Kahneman and documents “positive correlations indicating that more cognitively sophisticated participants showed larger bias blind spots.”

Cognitively sophisticated he certainly is, which means that he’s “slightly more vulnerable to common mental mistakes.”

I’d dispute the “slightly”, though….

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1 Response to Hope it’s not catching…

  1. Kate says:

    Say “hello” do the dragons…God love ’em for putting up with you two, esp. of your mate is anything like one of the dragon’s mate.

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