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Samuel Jackson says it best

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And Jews only live in Israel…….

I have no idea where Americans get their news, but they can’t seriously believe that all Muslims live in Pakistan.. I mean, their President is a Muslim. Isn’t he?  

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There’s Volksmusik. And then there’s Volxmusik

I have NO IDEA while people find it strange that a New Zealander should make a film about German folk music. Not the commercial dross by showbiz-types to an audience of metronomes that takes up waaay to much prime-time TV. … Continue reading

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Proof that Jesus was married?

Bill Maher has it: “He never had any money He used any excuse to hang out with the guys. When death came, he welcomed it. What MORE proof do you need?”  

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Djvd Zatišje, fraudster, successful speechwriter and media personality, declared dead in absentia

21 March 2024 Djvd Zatišje, fraudster, successful speechwriter and media personality, was today declared dead in absentia after the statutory 10 years waiting period . He was 53 years old at the time of his disappearance in March 2013 on … Continue reading

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Just don’t read it…..

Ms jb’s come down with the dreaded Lurgi that’s been going around. (Infected me, but that’s not important..) Stayed at home for 2 whole days and then dragged herself down to Ms Quack who quarantined her for another 2 days … Continue reading

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Iceland? I thought you went to India for that sort of stuff…

Story here

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Tunes for a Tuesday – 25 September 2012

Eso Es – Viggo – Café Del Mar – Volume 12 [Listen] Bad Boy Boogie – AC/DC – If You Want Blood You’ve Got It [Listen] Summer wind – Desert Rose Band – A Dozen Rose – Hits [Listen] Good … Continue reading

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So much for that, then…

Apple’s OSX 8 claims to understand me to the extend that I can talk to it and it’ll transcribe my voice into text.  I’m writing this email by dictating into my pocket Thank you

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Are all bankers wankers?

My bank here in Germany (Mainzer Volksbank) is really quite good. They don’t send me emails, offering me private banking  (in the mistaken belief that I have money, when it’s a WELL KNOWN FACT that Ms jb immediately recycles it … Continue reading

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