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Bullshit bingo to the power of ten

A tree felled by a forestry company in New Zealand later rolls down a hill, onto a main road and just misses killing a couple in a car. This is Nelson Forest’s abominable management-speak response: “We work diligently with all … Continue reading

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Tales from Starbucks

Some guy came in one time and said “I’ll take an Iced Amer­i­cano no espres­so”. Think­ing he mis­spoke I said “no water?”. He said “I said NO ESPRES­SO”. I replied “sir that’s just a cup of ice water”. Well as … Continue reading

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Romney to abolish FEMA

Romney abolishes FEMA and thus doing basically says “Well, you shouldn’t have been living in Whicheverpoordysfunctionalstateyou’relivingin and if you think that the Federal Government and the rest of America’s going to help you, you’re nuts. Go fuck yourself”

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