Me and Hilary

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Talking to an entertainment reporter the other day who seems to spend his life chatting with stars of the silver screen, among others Hilary Swank.

“Oh” I said “Hilary and I are real close”

“Tell me” he said”

“Well, I wouldn’t say REAL close, but close. You know? Close. OK, “close” in the sense of knowing her real well, well maybe not REAL well, but we’re definitely FRIENDS. But – you know – “friend” is such an overworked word these days, you can be someones friend with a mouseclick. But definitely more than just a PASSING acquaintance – if we met her RIGHT NOW, she’d probably say “Hey, I remember you – we met in the Blue Plate on Montana in Santa Monica in March” Then again she might not, because I was facing the wall so that Ms YMBFA could have a gander at all the people in the place and then she says “Don’t look now, but there’s that actress… what’s her name…oh, she’s leaving”

“Hilary Swank” I said as she walked past. Didn’t get a good look at at her, but she’s got a very nice bum. Recognise it anywhere…

Mind you, I DID sit next to Daliah Lavi on a flight from London to Frankfurt once…. Not that I knew who she was, of course…”

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