“But why “PMT”….?

SCCZEN_231212SPLSIDE02_220x147A dad writes: “My annual pilgrimage to the shops is at Christmas. All I have to do is to get a gift for my wife, chosen expressly by our 9-year-old son. This year, my son could not be dissuaded from this coffee cup (sorry, dear). He thought the line “be afraid, be very afraid” was funny and probably thought the PMT was the brand.”

HT Sideswipe

And why PMT?

“Mad Cow” was already taken….

HT  Dusty and Lefty in “A Prairie Home Companion

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1 Response to “But why “PMT”….?

  1. Kate says:

    THIS was on A Prairie Home Companion!!?? Hope it wasn’t at the Fitzgerald!!

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