But you seem so NICE……

ag-atAn English friend (retired electrical engineer) tells the story of working with a client in Texas in the 1980s. He was based there for quite a while and getting on well with the guys he was working to the extent that he was invited home for dinner.

Gets on well with the family and on one of the visits, they asked himmif he’d like to join them at their church on Sunday.

“Actually” he said “I’m an atheist”

Stunned silence.

Until the lady of the house stammered out “Bbbut, you seem so NICE…”

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2 Responses to But you seem so NICE……

  1. Nathalie, Beaumes says:

    awwwww what a dreadful find for the poor lady – what would become of her if she found out that some black people are NICE too?

  2. paul says:

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing!

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