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Wooden deer gets on the wrong side of the local Mafia

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And talking of Thomas Müller

In 1965, New Yorker magazine staff writer John McPhee wrote “A sense of where you are“, an article (later to become a book) stretching over 50 pages of the January 23 issue. (Worth reading, if only for a glimpse of … Continue reading

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I do have difficulties keeping myself under control……

  Berlin 365 is Halcyon’s (a displaced Torontonian, if I’ve figured it out correctly) urbane contribution to City Daily Photo, a loose umbrella structure under with which Mainz Daily Photo and (Not the) Nelson Daily Photo  also shelter. He/she recently … Continue reading

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This is where DHL started

Couriering Matson Line ships’ manifests from Hawaii to California to expedite customs clearance. (This is what life for the 1% was like in the 1960s…)

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A player who at times barely looks like a footballer at all.

The Guardian’s Barney Ronay had a choice article in yesterday’s paper.   What a delightfully unusual footballer Müller is, a player who continually pops up in menacing pockets of space, socks askew, arms waggling, resembling at times a pitch-invading dentist … Continue reading

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Never let you go

I’ve liked the band Evermore since I stumbled over the clip they donated for Shave for a Cure. Not being very sure on my feet, I fortunately tripped over this. Ace song, even acerer video

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VD. The gift that keeps on giving…

How times change. Back in the day, STD was a modern invention which let you make telephone calls wthout going through the operator. VD was the reason that Vic Damone could never wear monogrammed shirts. A contemporary – sson to … Continue reading

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The total area of solar panels it would take to power the world, Europe, and Germany

Unfortunately, it appears that you can only grow sunshine in the same shithole countries that grow oil and hold the rest of us to ransom….

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Bon appetit….

So if I’ve understood this correctly (or even been able to READ the small print),  outside the US,  you only get the ones without an asterisk – coffee, toast and fruit. Sticky-sweet cinnamon rolls get TWO asterisks so you ESPECIALLY … Continue reading

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How excellent!

Venn diagram, 3 sources, 2 selection methods. Here’s the article

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