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That Joan Miro was a really good painter. For a woman…

 Seen @ the Schirn art museum, Frankfurt                

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A day at The Broad, LA

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A day at the Getty Center

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MCASD – La Jolla

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Now you see it……

…now you don’t. Good deed for the day…

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This frightens me….

It concerns me that Trump is being taken seriously by so many people. It disturbs me that he could be the Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race. But THIS is what REALLY frightens me. US voter participation is low … Continue reading

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Them tea towel flag blues

That nice Mr Key He do hate that Union Jack Yeah that nice Mr Key He just loath that Union Jack Goes for tea with the Queen Ain’t never getting invited back Jenny Shipley she do hate that colonial flag … Continue reading

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