This frightens me….


It concerns me that Trump is being taken seriously by so many people.

It disturbs me that he could be the Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race.

But THIS is what REALLY frightens me.

US voter participation is low compared with other developed nations – around 54% – which means that out of 235,000,000 elegible voters, only around 129,000,000 are bothered to cast a ballot.

Given that voter participation in the lowest soci0-economic quintile is even lower – around 40% – there’s a massive untapped voter population who have no or little high school waiting there for Trump.

And he appeals to this segment of society – they feel disenfranchised, neglected and fucked over by politicians.

“But look!” he cries “I’m not a politician! I’m a self-made man! I’m in nobody’s pocket!”

Let’s just say that the margin under “normal” circumstances is 55%:45% in favour of Hlary Clinton (if she doesn’t get indicted by the Department of Justice).

Around 13,000,000 votes separation.

All Trump needs to do is to get 15% of these non-voters – the people he REALLY appeals to – to vote and he’s a shoo-in.

THAT’S what frightens me….

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2 Responses to This frightens me….

  1. Kate says:

    You are not the only one who is frightened. Note, however, the outcome of the caucuses in Minnesota. Our turn-out is never as high as it should be, but those who voted, resulted in Trump placing third! Unfortunately not all people who could have made a difference voted. I emailed and called many of my female and male friends, asking them to recall what the suffragettes endured to give us the right to vote, yet I am aware that some did not bother to caucus, even using that argument; there are other argument to encourage selection of thoughtful candidates, but it doesn’t make much difference to some people. I do not understand why citizens do not grasp the importance of voting in the caucuses. There is some hope, tho, at least a third of the people in my ward were college students who not only voted but who will be candidates at our district convention. Not all of our US citizens are blind to what is at stake.

  2. Kate’s reply is a small comfort. Sigh.

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