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No wonder TSA keeps stealing my Opinel garden knife from my luggage…

…they’re just trying to prevent me from breaking the law in the UK. Which says… It is illegal to: sell a knife of any kind (including cutlery and kitchen knives) to anyone under 18 carry a knife in public without … Continue reading

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Draw your own conclusions

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I know all about Kosher…..

but this is swinging the pendulum a bit far the other way….. Why don’t they just write “non-Kosher”? And what about Muslims? Don’t they eat pasta, too? Do they have a special series for Buddhists.

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An unfortunate juxtaposition by the Bangor Daily News


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A friend of mine used to say….

….”There are about 100,000 really smart people in America and they run the place” Which explains this little gem. In the mornings store staffers at the Apple Store use an iPhone leveling app called “Simply Angle” to precisely set each … Continue reading

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Well, actually…

Given that over 60% of New Zealanders are either obese or overweight, it’s probably a good thing to nudge people towards healthier food. The Department of Healthy Eating or whatever it’s called last week listed foods that are significantly more … Continue reading

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The John Key Haiku

The thing I know that matters to New Zealanders is the issues that really matter

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Lufthansa Cargo is promoting the Air Cargo Innovation Challenge – “the first open innovation and crowdsourcing activity in the airfreight industry”. One of the more creative ideas is the “Moon Transfer System” whereby the earth is linked to the moon … Continue reading

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On exactly which planet….

…do these people live? An American astrophysicist, Dr Jason Steffen, has worked out a method that will cut the boarding time of an aircraft in almost half and save airlines £1m per plane per year. There’s madness in his method….er….method … Continue reading

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Small Man Syndrome

That’s what my mate and ex-CEO Gunter (we’re both 1.93m) used to say when the CIO of our major customer used to switch into Napoleon mode. Phillip Lahm, the 27 year old captain of the German soccer team has written … Continue reading

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