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>The Bruce and Denny Show

> The McLaren M1C replicaArticle in Wired Plus a good video series on NZ on Screen (Clip 5’s about CanAm, but the rest is choice stuff)

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>This I need…maybe/definitely

> Single serving deep frier. Maybe for tempura. Maybe High-tech herb pots Yes, please. But – then again -40 bucks….?

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>This I need – Brain food

> The Rubix Cubewich contains cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat (PORK FAT?!), salami, and two types of cheddar Then again, maybe not….

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>Watch this space….

> So what it’s to be in the future? Playing pocket planets…? For a mere $450

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>The Trace of Time clock

> Engadget has a shout-out about the ideal clock (wipes itself clean…YES!!) to get rid of those bloody “To Do” lists that spouses so enjoy. “Haven’t you cleaned out the roof guttering yet? It’s on your To-Do list you know” … Continue reading

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>This I need – the Polar Clock

> This is like watching paint dry….. But if you’re so inclined – http://blog.pixelbreaker.com/polarclock/ Windows/MacOSX/Mac widget.

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>Happy Pi Day

> Just the job.

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>Not that I understand it…

>   1 Legendre’s constant 2 “An infinite number of mathematicians…” 3 A Unicode character as a HTML entity 4 Modular arithmetic 5 The Golden Mean reworked a little 6 Three Factorial (3*2*1) 7 6.99999.. Though a different number than … Continue reading

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>Keeping things on the level


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>This I need – an ADD t-shirt

> I keep meaning to buy one of these, but I somehow never get around to it……

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